Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Students from this school will be making the news for real on 27 March 2014 as they take part in BBC News School Report.

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Street Light Terror Troubles Town

A group of us from the Harwich and Dovercourt high school and 6th form were interested in finding out the public’s opinion regarding the street lights being turned off At night from 12am to 5am. This is a recent change to save money. The government are saving up to 14 million pounds by turning of the lights at night however it has been uprising many problems and concerns.
Latest word in Harwich town is that many people are extremely disgusted with the street lights being turned off at 12am-5am. The Harwich public believe it causes many problems for the safety of citizens and believe it is a security risk with a young member of the public stating ‘I understand they are saving money, but for us younger people especially on the weekends it can be scary and dangerous’.
One month ago is when this inconvenience occurred and not only are their problems with people’s safety including not being able to see where they are going and causing accidents but also how the #
crime we already feel uneasy being out at night and having no light to see obviously makes it ten times worse. The public now fear for their safety and feel that although they are paying council taxes that they believe should be used to pay for the street lights, they are also taking action into their own hands and installing their own lighting to surround their houses to put off burglary’s. Louise, a teacher at the Harwich and Dovercourt high school has stated that she has had to “install automatic lights in the garden” and that they “keep it on all night” as she also said “You defiantly do not feel safe with them off”.
We have thought of alternatives and compromises which make the situation slightly better, for example having the lights of during the week Sunday to Thursday and keeping them on during weekend nights- Friday and Saturday. We think this as Friday nights and Saturday nights are when the majority of people will be out especially between the age of 16-40. Many people on them nights will be walking home late after being at the pub and maybe unable to get a taxi. Not only will they be walking home alone or not but may also be under the influence of alcohol which puts them under higher risk when walking- vulnerable- in the dark.
We asked a range of different age groups in our local town their opinions on this.
‘Places are in a state of darkness, and for the elderly it is rather dangerous.’ – Elderly couple.
‘Possibly a little dangerous, especially coming home after the pub, perhaps.’- Simon.

How To Improve Harwich Shops

Epilepsy awareness Day ! But are people actually aware ?

Epilepsy awareness day was yesterday on the 26th March 2014, yet 100% of the people we polled were not aware of this. Although everyone that we asked had some awareness of the illness itself, many were uncertain about what the condition exactly entailed—despite some people actually suffering from the condition themselves. We asked the public what they knew and understood about epilepsy.
So what is epilepsy?
Epilepsy is a physical condition that occurs when there is a sudden or brief change in how the brain works which causes seizures.

In the UK over 600,000 people have been affected by epilepsy, but less than 10 students out of 1200 in Harwich and Dovercourt High School have been affected.

Misconceptions are common—

One person spoken to said that epilepsy was “where you have a lesion on the brain and it causes you to have fits and seizures” this is partly true, however this is not always the case; as it can be conflicted by many different circumstances such as Alcohol abuse, brain tumours, blood clots and problems at birth.

Teachers – Saints or sinners?

Yesterday teachers in the NUT union went on strike and many schools across the country were closed or partly closed.
Teachers have been striking intermittently over the past two years citing the reasons for this is as low pay for the amount of hours they work and poor working conditions. New reforms to pensions brought in by the coalition government in 2010 stipulate that teachers must now work until they are sixty five years old.
Teachers find the work tiring and stressful. They claim that most people do not understand just how much work actually goes into the job and the extent to which their wages do not reflect the workload.
A local man interviewed said that the situation is “disgusting and that teachers shouldn’t be allowed to strike – that they are lucky enough to have a job.” However, most of the locals say that they do not have a problem with the teachers on strike.
School staff maintain that they have a right to strike just as much as anyone else. The unions claim to be trying to get better conditions for staff and students alike.